Встроенный aвтохолодильник DAF XF 105/106 / Euro 6

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TB27AM refrigerator for DAF XF Series 24V

It fits under the bunk in the sleeping compartment, inside the original drawer, thus leaving more space in the truck cab. Requires DAF factory drawer and genuine elec. connectors - L1840827 and L1845426 to connect to fuse board.

NOTE: The fridge is identical like the factory mounted but has no plastic front and guides.


- Gross capacity: 26L
- Insulation: CFC FREE PU FOAM
- Voltage: DC 24V
- Average power consumption : 46W
- Temperature range: +8°C/-4°C
- Refrigeration technology: Compressor DANFOSS/SECOP BD 1,4F
- Refrigerant type: R134a CFC FREE
- Dimensions: 33 x 35 x 66cm (width x height x depth)
- Weight: 16kg

The product is available on request - delivery time 1 - 14 days

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