Thermostat for Dometic B1100, B1500, B1900 roof air conditioners

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Thermostat Dometic B1000 / B1100 / B1300 / B1500 / B1600 / B1900 roof air conditioning

Please carefully check the type of thermostat used and the model of the refrigerator before buying!

Used in air conditioners:

  • Dometic B1000
  • Dometic B1000H
  • Dometic B1100
  • Dometic B1100S
  • Dometic B1300
  • Dometic B1300H
  • Dometic B1500
  • Dometic B1500S
  • Dometic B1600
  • Dometic B1600S/L
  • Dometic B1900
  • Dometic B1900S
  • Dometic B1900FS

Some models may have other parts.

Using the nine-digit serial number (SKU / PNC ......), the correct spare part can be identified.

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