Ceramic filter 455HT muRata 455kHz, type: CFWLA455KHFA

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Ceramic filter second Intermediate frequency 455kHz - muRata ± 3kHz HT- 4+1 legs

After replace for filter high class, radio can: receive more signal when the same noise, less crosstalk, have better selectivity, cut out signals sent in other frequencies than right one for present channel. - It all depends of what radio and what filter there was. It all depends of what radio and what filter there was.

Please check it carefully before you buy and replace!

Most common in radio CB, it is filter ± 3kHz HT.  

Movie showing types names used by producers in filters in CB radios: Symbols of ceramic filters

ATTENTION: suitable for radio:

  • AnyTone
  • CRT SuperStar
  • Kenwood TS450
  • Kenwood TS690
  • M-Tech Legend II
  • Lafayette
  • President Andy ASC
  • President Grant II ASC
  • President Harry Classic
  • President Harry II ASC
  • President Harry III ASC
  • President Henry ASC Classic
  • President Jackson I
  • President Jackson II ASC
  • President JFK II ASC
  • President Jimmy II ASC
  • President Johnny II ASC
  • President Johnny III ASC
  • President Johnson II
  • President Taylor III ASC
  • President Teddy ASC
  • President Tommy
  • President Thomas ASC
  • President Walker ASC
  • President William ASC
  • Stabo XM3001e
  • Yosan
  • TTI 770
  • TTI 880

And others, in which there is a fail filter 455kHz (symbol CQ S455HT..).


  • CQ S455HT
  • ALFY455H
  • FT-3
  • FL-0852
  • FL-852
  • LTS455HTW
  • BFLG0852001
  • PF002 FL-066
  • CFW 455HT
  • L72-0319-05

We offer type: CFWLA455KHFA

We recommend ceramic filters 455kHz - ± 3kHz also for hobbyist, amateur constructors of radio...

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