16CH Channel RF Remote Control Switch DC12V System Relay Wireless Receiver Transmitter

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DC12V 16CH wireless RF Remote Control Switch Transmitter Receiver

Perfect for controlling lighting, doors, gates, heating; is also suitable for work in car, van etc.

The only such multi-channel remote controls in Poland with quite a large range.

Control Types: Toggle/Self-Lock; Latched/Inter-Lock; Momentary/Jog

The receiver can operate in 4 user-programmable switching modes:

- TOGGLE: Press the button,
the relay is on until you press it again.

- MOMENTARY: Press the button
, the relay is on until you release it.

- LATCH CONTROL: Press the button,
the relay is on until you press another one. Pressing "1" turns on relay 1, pressing "2" turns on relay 2 and relay 1 will be disconnected, etc.

In this mode relays 1-8 work in on / off mode, and relays 9-16 in momentary mode.

Transmitter control - coded transmission

Control Switch System:
Channel: 16
Operating frequency: 433MHz
Output Status: Jog / interlock / self-locking
Operating Voltage: DC 12V
Relay: 10A/240VAC, 10A/14VDC
Work Voltage Range of Relay: AC 110 - 240V; DC 0 - 28V
Quiescent Current: ≤8mA
Size: 11.5 x 7.4 x 2cm

Remote Control::
Channel: 16
Distance max: 300 m (900 feet)
Dimensions: 10 x 4.5 x 1.6 cm
Power Supply: 1X 23A 12V battery

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