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Fog generator Fogger A1200 - rent

This is one of the trendiest attractions of the wedding. The released smoke during the first dance gives a unique effect of floating of the Bride and Groom in the clouds. The smoke swirls creating an atmosphere full of charm and mystery.

Smoke generator is also an ideal solution for couples who average on the dance floor, and the first dance spends their dreams.

Ideal for mobile artists, for medium clubs and bars where there is a need to create an atmosphere during performances. The fog blown into the air additionally gives the perfect lighting effect by highlighting the light and laser proms.

Quantity / units implies a day of lending by default.

Technical Specifications:
- warm-up time: 10min
- wired remote control
- the possibility of generating 560m3 of smoke per minute
- 1200 Watt power
- removable 1.5L tank
- dimensions: 525 x 270 x 320 mm
- weight: 7kg

Machines are rented with the necessary liquid.

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