2SC1969 Transistor - RF CB radio Power Amplifier

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Transistor type C1969 NPN TO-220

Please check mounted transistor before purchase and replacement!

NOTE: The transistor is suitable for transceivers e.g.:
Alan 48 Plus Multi
Alan 78 Plus
Alan 87
Alan 555
Cobra 29
Cobra 148 GTL
Galaxy DX33HML
Galaxy DX44V
Galaxy DX55V
Galaxy DX66V
Galaxy DX73V
Magnum S9
Onwa MKI fat, old
President Lincoln
President George (Q501, Q502)
Uniden 510 XL made in philippines
Uniden 520 XL made in philippines
Euro CB EA35 - Amplifier
Zetagi B47 - Amplifier
Ham-Master PA-25 - Amplifier

MRF485 driver for Kenwood TS-930S
HFR-20W Eleflow

NOTE: The transistors can have more gain than those from the old of Mitsubishi production. The first run should be performed with a lower Pin power than the previous one.

NOTE: Transistor HESTA
To see how transistors works, please click the link below: Montage of 2sc1969 in CB radio Onwa MK1

We offer type: Transistor 2SC1969

- Type: bipolar
- Polarization: NPN
- Gpe = 12dB
- VCC = 16V
- Pout: 20 Watt RF Out
- Band: 27MHz
- Case: TO220

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