Compressor AMV13JZ for Dometic Waeco 12 / 24V DC portable fridge

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WANCOOL compressor AMV13JZ 12 / 24V DC, R134a

The WANCOOL AMV13JZ, R134a, 12 / 24DC compressor is ideal for 10-30 liter car refrigerators / vans / boats or portable refrigerators that must fit in tight spaces without compromising storage space.

Low energy consumption due to the variable speed function is beneficial for both batteries and the environment.


  •   Low weight, less than 2.5 kg

  •   Smaller size, 60% less than standard products

  •   Electronic compressor control

  •   Low sound emission

  •   Lower energy consumption

  •   High cooling capacity ratio

  •   Compact design

Used in refrigerators:

  •   Dometic CF 11

  •   Dometic CF 16

  •   Dometic CF 26

  •   Dometic CDF 11

  •   Dometic CDF 16

  •   Dometic CDF 18

  •   Mobicool FR 35

  •   Waeco CDF 11

  •   Waeco CDF 16

  •   Waeco CDF 18

Compressor adapted to work with the electronic (starting) module

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