Roof air conditioner with roof window Dometic FreshLight 2200 230V - RV cooling and heating

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Roof air conditioning Dometic FreshLight 2200 230V

Cooling and heating for all recreational vehicles.

The Dometic FreshLight 2200 with a built-in roof window delivers all the benefits of a space-saving rooftop climate control unit without the loss of natural light from above. Its energy-efficient cooling and heating modes ensure that a comfortable temperature is maintained in caravans and motorhomes of up to 7 m in length, with the added benefit of a constant fresh air through an active ventilation system and the dimmable LEDs add further luxury to your living area. With the pleated darkening curtains you can also get a light dark and cosy feeling inside during the bright summer nights. With the user-friendly remote control, you can easily control the temperature and ventilation settings. You can set a specific temperature or use various modes such as automatic mode, cooling, heating and ventilation.


  • Roof air conditioners with roof window, for vehicles up to 7 m
  • Temperature and blower speed can be conveniently set by remote control
  • Control panel with integrated, dimmable LED lights
  • Individual air flow regulation with automatic blower control
  • Energy-efficient cooling mode and heat pump system for heating mode
  • Roof window with active ventilation system and single-pleated darkening screen
  • Four blower speeds
  • Air flow can be individually adjusted up or down, left or right
  • Stale air is drawn out of the room.
  • Can be used while driving after using a 12V / 230V DC voltage converter


- Cooling capacity: 2200 W
- Heating capacity: 2700 W
- Cooling type: electronically controlled compressor
- Built-in soft start system
- Input voltage: AC 230 V
- Power consumption: 4,1A in cooling mode; 5,2A in heating mode
- Dimensions: 75,8 x 21,0 x 110,5 cm (W x H x D)

- Weight: 42,0kg

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