Secop 101N2100 Electronic Unit for BD1.4F-VSD Compressors, Fridge Control Module

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Secop 101N2100 Electronic Unit

This is the standard dual voltage (12v - 24v) replacement control module found on Secop BD1.4F-VSD compressor.

It is considered a direct replacement. Simply remove a screws to release module for the side of the compressor to  reveal the 3-pin plug that attaches the module to the compressor.

Please carefully check used model and type unit before buying!

Controller compatible with:

- 109Z0200 - BD1.4F-VSD mm
- 109Z0202 - BD1.4F-VSD inch
- 109Z0250 - BD1.4F-VSD-HD mm
- 109Z0251 - BD1.4F-VSD-HD inch

Application in:

- Fridge SCANIA S
- Fridge MAN TGX Lift
- Fridge INDEL B (TB 15/18)
- Fridge EZETIL (EZC 15/18/25)
- Fridge DOMETIC (CDF 11/16/18/26)

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