Fault Diagnostic LED for Danfoss BD35/BD50 car refrigerator

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Fault Diagnostic LED for Danfoss BD35/BD50

A 10mA light emitting diode (LED) can be connected between the terminals + and D.
In case the electronic unit records an operational error, the diode will flash a number of times. The number of flashes depends on what kind of operational error was recorded. Each flash will last ¼ second. After the actual number of flashes there will be a delay with no flashes, so that the sequence for each error recording is repeated
every 4 seconds

Number Of flashesError type

Battery protection cut-out

(The voltage is outside the cut-out setting)


Fan over-current cut-out

(The fan loads the electronic unit with more than 1A peak).


Motor start error

 (The rotor is blocked or the differential pressure in the refrigeration system is too high (>5 bar)).

Minimum motor speed error

(If the refrigeration system is too heavily loaded, the motor cannot maintain minimum speed 1,850 rpm).


Thermal cut-out of electronic unit

(If the refrigeration system has been too heavily loaded, or if the ambient temperature is high, the electronic unit will run too hot).

- Cable length 1,5m

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