Antennas parts

Antennas parts

Mounting brackets, cables, plugs, coax, rubber boot mount, mast, set screws, star washer, panel nut, mylar set, rubber coil washer, parts and repair kit to CB antenna


  • Wing nuts, screws

    Wing Nut & Bolt Ideal for Radio Antenna Mount, screw, machine screws, antenna mount in Communication Equipment

  • Protection boot for...

    Magnetic pad for CB, antenna glued stickers, covers. Soft rubber boots on magnets for scratch-resistance, replacement anti-scratch protection boot for magnetic mounts

  • Mounting Brackets

    CB Radio, Walkie Talkie, Two Way Radio Outdoor Antenna Mount, Car Mounting hatchback door Bracket, Magnetic DV, PL mount SO239 UHF connector

  • RF Plugs and Connectors

    Plugs Sockets Insulators, Connectors: PL259, BNC, DV, SO239, UHF, RG58, Coaxial, Adapter, adaptor, converter for CB Ham and Scanners, socket, plug-pins

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Showing 1 - 6 of 9 items