Radio Parts

Radio Parts

Spare parts, components and accessories to radiocommunication, CB radio


  • Radio spare parts

    Spare parts and electronic components to radio CB President Harry, Johnny, Jackson, Johnson, Tommy, Teddy, Henry, Andy, Walker, Jimmy, Taylor, Alan, Uniden, Midland

  • Second intermediate...

    Ceramic Second Intermediate Frequency (IF) Filters for Radio Communication, Amateur Radio, Ham Radio Receivers, in Consumer Electronics.

  • Internal speakers

    Internal Replacement CB Radio Speaker, UHF, Ham Communications, intercom, inner speakers

  • Integrated Circuits

    AF Power Amplifier, Stereo Audio Power Amplifiers, Integrated Circuits, scaled circuits of low frequency amplifier, replacement spare part ic car audio

  • Output RF Transistors

    Output final transistors, CB Radio RF Power Amplifier, high frequency

  • Potentiometers

    Potentiometer for turning VOL, SQ control, RF GAIN, MIC GAIN, canal switches used in cb radio and in transceivers, replacement, spare parts.

  • Workshop equipment

    Workshop equipment: chemistry, measure equipment, multimeters, meters, tools

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items